Stylish. Beautiful. Natural. Enjoy shopping in the heart of Bangkok at Pilyq & L*Space which is located at Siam Paragon shopping mall, to invite all  shoppers to enjoy an imported high quality swimwear in a cozy setting. We borrow some products as samples or an inspiration for the shop design. The more we look into the products the more we see how neat, stylish and detailed this brand carefully brings to the customers. Products are made us thinking of the “modern architecture” because of its simple design but eye-catching look as they have featured some interesting details which are made each product unique. So we design from this perspective; simple but not boring and being a little bit ‘low profile’ and let the products shine. Beech color woods and white panels are promoted the elegant and clean look. The display stands are a combination of a stainless steel and a wood. A white opaque partition with holes is allowed the shoppers to peek to some, but not all of the products and to persuade peoples to come closer. A logo is handcrafted with a natural wood. In this way, the brand can be perceived through a range of textures, colors, finishes, prints and graphics. All visitors are invited to shop, to discover, and to interact by using a variety of senses.