Nail Me

NAIL ME (Nail & Beauty Salon); this renovation project has transformed a modest space into a fascinating nail salon which is called as “Nail Me”. The store is located in Ekkamai 12 Alley, in the heart of Bangkok commercial area. In this project, we have utilized the area into 2 main areas, which are a manicure zone (1 seat) and a foot spa and pedicure zone (3 seats). In addition, we have clearly utilized the area for both customers and employees, by using different shades of colors to create a feeling of the harmony of the design. Therefore, the customer area has been lifted higher in order to install a water system which is including with warm water as well.

Furthermore, the design of manicure and pedicure chairs have been developed basing on the function of services, and ergonomic factors which has been implemented on scaling process in order to ensure the customer experience the most relaxing chair, as well as using burgundy velvet to enhance the store’s environment. However, the store has limited areas and there’s no partition for manicure and pedicure zones,  the manicure armchair has been designed to be bigger than normal with a high backrest to wrap around the customers which will provide the feeling of privacy and cover them from others customer who is in the pedicure area. In addition, the Champaign velvet stools for employees have been designed to be lower than normal to be suit with the ergonomic of Thai people which will help to decrease fatigue and increase efficiency of the employees. The stool has been designed in a square shape to secure the area of storage, as well as ease to move. For the leather foot rest over the spa- tub, has been designed to be easy to adjust with a strong grip with the tub in order to respond to the different foot-resting length of the customer. The store also provide an area for a small shelf display to sell a small size product, which high as the ceiling, as well as a mobile cabinet to store  a manicure equipment which design to hide a roller to be ease of use and look modest. The employee room is small but fully function for back of house jobs such as a fully install sink for equipment cleaning, a cabinet for equipment storage, cashier table and a documented storage. The overview of the store design is using a different material to create a harmony of the design and represents a unique style of the store by using a dark grey stone wallpaper, a frameless glass wall to expand the view of the store, as well as transparent curtain that has a same color with a ceiling to make the store look more private and modest.