This project is a shop design for a nail salon and spa shop which is called as “Nail Home and Spa”. It is a small and cozy nail salon at Oasis community mall, Pattanakarn road, Bangkok. The shop is divided into two sections which are a reception and a service area. Once enter to the shop, you will meet our friendly staffs welcoming you at a reception counter. Next is a service area, we have built stepped floors for the whole area to function as a hidden drawer to collect stuffs and also a system room. Both functions are just underneath your foot. The reason we would like to hide them is to be easy for a space management and to make ‘home’ for staffs to avoid a cluttering in the future. The owner wants the shop to have a sense of homey and welcoming atmosphere. We use natural linen curtain, earth tone color scheme and warm lighting. In addition, a custom full-length shelving unit is designed to work as a partition between these two areas for more privacy and also a display for nail polishes and more. Of course the space between shelves is smaller than usual, as it should be fit beautifully for nail polishes and easy for staffs to get them too.