"For every house is built by someone but God is the builder of everything" -- Holy Bible

House of Glory (Protestant) Church is located on Rama 3 Rd., soi 12. It is a renovation project to rebuild the whole top floor of the old building. The project owner together with our team is decided to convert this muggy, opaque place to a friendly, bright and clean look church. The designers are taking full advantage of natural lights and wind of this higher floor by adding oversized windows and doors. When it is fully opened, they promote ventilation and hygiene to the overall area. At the main conference hall, we are using a glossy white wall for a stage background. A white door, which is linked to a small balcony with the Chaophraya River view, camouflages itself on this wall. A see-through cross on the door is projected blue sky and clouds outside and painted itself with different colors of the sky from day to night. Bold colors are added to children’s room. Paintings on the walls and doors are also emphasized on the church which doesn’t always have to look as a religious or conservative place but a welcoming place for everyone. In the meantime, we are trying to keep things very simple and minimal because what it much more important is invisible to the eyes.