A complete service of interior design and construction is made by Behold Architect & Interior Design. The interior design for 2-bedrooms in 74.5 square meters in a luxury condominium on Sukhumvit road.

A designer uses a light color for the overall spaces and a mirror to feature the walls to make the room look bigger. The main materials for this project are a high gloss, a mirror and a treated glass. The built-in furnitures are designed to respond the owners’ lifestyle. It looks simple but sophisticated with the extra long cabinet door, special details for wardrobes and the cabinets interior and etc. The loose furnitures we designed and made are also essential components we are very proud of such as dining table and chairs, stool bars, sofa and a white coffee table in the living room, a blue chair and mechanic sofa bed in a small bedroom/working room, a stool and night tables in a master bedroom and etc. All these special designs have made this condominium unique. Of course, Behold would not finish a project without a beautiful touch of decorations/props chosen and arranged by a designer and team. Every elements you have seen in our photographs has been deliver to the owners, they are not just for the advertisement. Superior cleaning like 5-star hotel is also included in our work; bed linen, throws and all pillow covers are washed and ironed before carefully arranged. Every single part of this condominium has been cleaned so the owners can just move in readily. We are so delight by the owners’ satisfaction as they told us “This is perfect!” (Thank you very much for the trust you giving to us. It is pleasant and fun working with you both.)