Home office of Behold Architect & Interior Design Co., Ltd. 

Our humble office has been renovated from a thirtyish years old townhouse in Bangkok. We are transforming a ground floor into a design studio which is suitable for around 10 people. For us, this studio can be a place for sharing ideas, updating news, or even being a playground! It's not just a place to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. That is why we do not want just a typical office look but more enjoyable and relaxing as it could help unleash thinking/dreaming power too. Skylight and big windows are not allowed only sunshine but also rainwater to fall through. We choose very simple materials for the interior such as cements, bricks and woods. We spend a big part of a day inside and we want to expose healthy amount the natural lights instead of the LED or the artificial “daylight”. Receiving natural sunlight can make your feeling so good, thus we are painting most areas in matte dark gray to reduce brightness and glares from the sunlight.